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Post artifacting nearly killed me in berezino last night Q_Q

Folks - some incorrect info re artifacting happening in this thread

First of all the issue: certain objects in game are causing artifacting, namely barbed wire and static corpses of soldiers (not zeds). If you're getting artifacting from other things - then it's a separate issue entirely.

secondly: there is currently no permanent fix. You can do three things to sort of alleviate the issue:

a) force a re-load of textures - this is done by changing graphics options that result in you seeing a brief 'loading' screen after you click accept. Vsync for example. It doesn't matter if you change it to on or off -it will cause texture reload. A lot of other options will cause this and when you do it you'll think omg issue fixed brb posting on reddit. It is temporary at best - artifacts WILL come back within few seconds to an hour (if you also combine this with solutions b+c)

b) reduce the chance of the corrupted textures loading. this is done by massively downgrading your in game graphics quality, via the options. This method will cause the graphics texture to load less often (or not at all), maybe reduced distance at which it will load, etc. This doesn't fix the issue either but if you keep distance from artifacting graphics then it will be pretty good.

c) don't go near areas containing artifacting sources - parts of cherno, berezino tents, stary, nw airfield, etc. - you can combine this solution with b to still go to these areas, maybe berezino apartments - if the corrupted textures don't load from there, you can explore apartments jsut fine

third thing to keep in mind: recently there was a server side sort-of-mini patch. among several things it did was removal of some of the objects which use the corrupted textures. Some of these things are too integral to the map to be removed effectively without client side update, but some check with server whether to load or not. Stary is a lot better these days for example, balota a little bit better. Berezino is a bit better (tents are shocking still) etc. The real fix will be in update however.
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