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I use Bandicam for all my recordings. Bandicam usually compresses reasonably well but I also usually run the files through HandBrake with custom settings for YouTube afterwards to get the file size even smaller.

I chose Bandicam over Fraps because of the compression; the ability to record the screen as well as applications; and that it didn't impact my FPS too much.

While recording DayZ I did run into some problems with recording so I wound back my version and haven't had the issue since.

A half hour recording at 720P, 25fps is usually about 3 to 4 Gb. Once they are processed through HandBrake the files are usually between 600 and 700 Mb. To put this in perspective, the files recorded from Bandicam are about 10% the size from Fraps. The Handbrake processed files are about 2% the size of the Fraps files.

I've used Bandicam for over a year now and love it.
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