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Originally Posted by maddog2204 View Post
Afterburner is a great free program. The only problem I had with it, was that it only records 1 sound source. You can either have it record your mic, and no in-game sound, or vice versa.
Yeah, I found the same thing. There are however some workarounds, but, they are a bit rough. Basically you can use Windows to output your mic back through your speakers so it records in Afterburner. Allegedly you won't really notice feedback cause the delay between talking and hearing your own voice is so small. I never tried it because I was prepared to pay money for a better solution... but if you're after a free option, this is probably worth a shot.

Re: Bandicam... I tried this as well and I dunno. I just felt the quality of the videos were better from Fraps and Playclaw. It also would crash my machine when I changed some of the compression settings so I gave up experimenting in the end. Probably nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't get it working how I wanted in a reasonable amount of time. =)
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