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Default Future relationships with villagers in 1.4

1.3 introduced trading with villagers. Trading something with a villager makes them happy and they will offer you more stock.

However, there are not yet any consequences if you kill villagers or don't help them when they are attacked... but according to Jens, that is to change (

Used to kill villagers because you don't like what they offer? Well, in the future you will have to face the consequences of your actions
On Reddit (jeb_ comments on Jeb: Killing villagers? Face the consequences.)
Hey people!
The main idea here is not to out-smart people who wants to create the easiest way to produce emeralds. You will always find the "shortest path to success." The idea is rather to make the game act a little more reasonable.
It doesn't feel right that villagers would continue to trade with you if you keep on killing them. It also doesn't feel right that they would like you if you stand idly by to see them burn in lava or get shot by skeletons. In other words, villagers will ask you to find another village to trade with.
There will be ways to make the villagers like you again, which is something I expect people will "exploit" in order to keep their slaughterhouses working. But that's part of the game, I suppose...

Wouldn't a more reasonable method of doing this to simple be to add a cool off timer to trades? That way the persistent trades could be restored and people would have no reason to mass-kill villagers in order to get trades they want.
For the record I don't disagree that the villagers should be angry at you for killing them (it should be there). That makes perfect sense. I just think the vanishing trade is doing more to harm legitimate users than it is helping.
Yes, you have a point. I will review the effects of the new behaviour, and then maybe restore permanent trades, or change how long a trade remains. Also, since villagers now can dislike you, I'll also be able to make them like you more... which opens up for a system where I can put different trades in "levels" that you can unlock.

What I mean with "more reasonable" is not that the game should be harder or more balanced, but to give the villagers a sense of self-awareness. They are not cattle that follow your wheat, so they shouldn't act that way.
The idea to enforce travel is really tempting, but that will greatly conflict with SteelCrow's (got his name right this time!) "it's a sandbox game" comment. I mean, the best way to enforce that is to make sure a certain resource is found at a location where that resource can't be used.

You are absolutely right. This whole thread seems to think it's about "fixing" the trade system, but the idea is to give the villagers a sense of self-awareness (in lack of a better word). I think the villagers should be more than just vending machines.
The deals currently expire because it appeared as if people had it too easy to get infinite emeralds during the snapshots. I will look it over.

Yes, included in these changes will be the possibility to restore a desolate village, or create a completely new one.

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