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Default This is how TOG makes DayZ and ARMA better.

What can TOG offer DayZ and ARMA players?

Welcome to our public forum!

TOG is a community of mature gamers, with a great variety of interests across a wide variey of games. This is the DayZ and ARMA section – for people to discuss all things regarding the Dayz and ARMA.

ARMA III is the latest development in the ARMA family from Bohemia Interactive. TOG has an active community playing ARMA III

DayZ is a game unique in its unforgiving play-style – a large issue in the game is knowing who you can trust, and who will shoot you in the back when they find a weapon.

If you're looking for active community participation for either of these games TOG can help! It's all about having fun working as a team with like minded players.

TOG members have access to all member forums including the ARMA and DayZ division sections, which is full of members-only discussion regarding the games.

We currently have members active in

ARMA II DayZ Mod Epoch
Dayz Standalone

What Next?

Post in this forum to introduce yourself and your interest or hit up the Barracks for a TOG application, then come and introduce yourself in the member forums and enjoy playing with The Older Gamers!

Member Forum Links

Here are the links to the DayZ and ARMA forums for TOG members only.

TOG Members ARMA Forums
TOG Members DayZ Forums

See you out there!

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