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I ran into a petition to have eSports in the Olympics (Torch for Gaming) this morning and that got me thinking. Why are shooters lagging in eSports and will they ever go big time in that space? Currently it seems like SC2 and LoL dominate everything.
I love it when a Tribes Ascend game is casted. They've had a few tourneys already and quite enjoyed them. I regularly check by the Tribes Ascend area of to see if there are any games being played. The PickUpGames aren't bad to watch either, those are basically tourney practice and not like the public servers. Bonus points because you can often select one of a few streamers and get to watch a particular class\role you enjoy or desire to learn more about.

I think one of the problems is shooters tend to be very fast actioned. It's very easy to miss big plays, where as in a game like SC2 you pretty much see everything coming a mile away (even if the other competitor doesn't know). Even in MOBA's you can see where everyone is on that minimap and be watching for ganks, pushes, or teamfights.

I wouldn't say shooters don't have an eSports presence. Their footprint is just smaller, with more fans for those other games you've mentioned. I for one, quite enjoy my fps esports.

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