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All of the above. The devs behind the currently big shooters simply aren't interested in esports, and make no provision for it in either spectator modes or proper anti-cheat functions, or by allowing mod tools that would let an esports community develop. This is partly because the really advanced tools in BF are developed in-house by DICE or other EA studios, and are under license. To make them available to a mod community for free, and it would have to be for free because they couldn't afford to license it, would devalue the tech and give EA's competitors an edge.

However, the trend toward consolisation of FPS is a greater problem, IMO. Games that pose a real challenge are hard to learn, and that drives casual players away, and casual players are where the money is. Every Xbox player loves to believe he and his isolated group of friends are actually really good at FPS gaming. Sometimes they are, for the Xbox.

PC shooters used to reward persistence with a decent learning curve, which allowed top tier interest. All the current generation does is throw bling at you. Killstreaks, badges, unlock trees. You're not developing a skillset beyond the generic one that can be ported to the next FPS title - which they're quite happy to sell you.

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