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Dear diary,

I find myself waking up on this day, new, reborn. Flashes of what was rush through my head like an old VHS stuck on rewind. There was only a handfull of us out here, cold and alone our small team needed assistance, we called in that we needed an immediate pick up as we had 2 men down and the rest injured, it was getting dark fast! We moved to a nearby barn and rattled off our location, it would take the pilot of our recentely rescued chopper 20 minutes atleast for him and two others to fill up the chopper as well as fix the main rotor, there was nothing we could do so we set up watch and waited.

As night began to fall so too did visibility, I was on guard outside the barn with my fellow team mate while the other three rested inside, both on edge, always jumping at the slight notice of movement always thinking "was that movement a player or just a bug? How many people are out here? if I shoot how likely will the zombies come running and how likely is it someone will freak and shoot me?" so many scenarios running through my head I snapped back to reality as I heard a fellow teammate yell out the chopper was inbound and was a minute away, suddenly off in the distance the sound of our rescue was all too reassuring, we ran out into the paddock and 2 of us signalled down the helicopter. "I see you guys down their i'm gonna turn on the spotlight to land so stay back" We couldnt have been more happy to see that chopper, then it all changed.

The ground lit up under the spot light and their about 200 meters ahead of us were 2 guys in ghillies, I froze as I knew they werent with us and that the chopper had only brought 2 gunners with him who were both in the chopper. The next few seconds changed everything, I yelled out "Hostiles!" as I hit the deck and unloaded my clip from my M4A1 CCO, no kills, I hear gunshots fly by me as my team opens fire, one ghillie disappears as the other pulls a rocket launcher. He aims at the helicopter, 4 of us unload into him as he takes his aim, all I hear is him scream "DIE!" as he shoots the rocket, he misses as the helicopter gunner unloads on the ghillie, finally he goes down. All falls quiet as the helicopter lands, we pile in and restock up, as we all enter the helicopter we hear it, BANG, followed by a blood curdling scream, the left side gunner is dead, BANG, another shot pierces the air "SNIPER!" The chopper manages to get in the air before we lost another man.

the darkness surrounded us as we flew through the air, the only noises to be heard are the blades of the chopper and the brief few words from a comrade in the seat next to me. "two minutes till we hit base" I slump down in my chair and think about the brave survivors we lost and why I was so lucky to still be alive, I was thrown back to reality as the cockpit of the chopper lit up orange. "Hey, what did you do? why is it lit up back here? I like it because I can see again" I yell to the pilot, his response sent a chill down my spine "Its not me man, I haven't done anything...WHAT THE F--- IS THAT!"

I looked to my left and the night sky had lit up. "Dude that hill is on fire, the entire forest is on fire!" I yell at the pilot to get us out of here, he pulls a hard right and flies north east, I look behind to see the entire forest on fire..and thats when I heard it, that voice, that bone tingling voice, the voice of death itself..all it said "You're all going to die.." The pilot panicked and quickly landed the chopper, that was our mistake, the voice came back and screamed the same scream from earlier..."DIE!" as everyone around me was killed by an explosive round, I survived on 1000 health with a broken leg, I yelled out to my team but they were dead. A flare lit up next to me and I knew this was it I could hear it, the voice, coming closer, singing, "la-la-la-la-laaa-la we all..fall..down.." I see the figure step into the light of the flare, BANG.

These nightmares, they come and go, but with every day that passes, I grow a little stronger and continue to fight these demons who taunt me with their games. I brush the sand off my pants and I learn to survive again..
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