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Dear diary,

For a brief half hour, my pings were low enough to jump into the game. Listening to red_one and Veilo, I could tell they were fairly close to me. After spawning, I confirmed that they were a bit to my south near Cherno. They were going to move roughly towards me, and could I cover them with my L85?

Yup, no worries. You guys are safe with Biggus watching over you.

Roughly a third of the way across, I received a high ping kick.

I logged back in, listening to Veilo mention that there were a few zeds at a building not far from my location in the tree line. Well, that's strange. I haven't spawned yet, but there's zombies.

I spawn, hit up the thermals and have a bit of a look around. At this point, I'm not entirely sure where the guys are in relation to me. I spot a survivor running up to the edge of the treeline.

"All TOGgers, get down."

When this dude didn't get down, and I heard him shooting something to my south (with an M4 CCO SD, mind you), I put about eight rounds of Radway Green's finest 5.56mm NATO FMJs into his face. That did the job.

Looting his body, I found plenty of SD mags, antibiotics (which was handy, as Veilo had just started coughing), NVGs, pretty much everything bar cammo clothes or a ghillie suit.

Right around the middle of my looting spree, I was ping kicked again.

And wouldn't you know it? On logging back in, all the gear I'd grabbed had disappeared.

Such is life in an alpha patch.
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