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Dear Diary,

Day 21 dawns and I still can't find a compass.

The stupid thing is that I don't really need one, I have a map and GPS but after a week of looting camps out in the wilderness I still don't have a stupid compass. I have everything else, and I mean everything, but the one item I'm normally tripping over in every building I go in is conspicuously absent from my tool belt and finding one is starting to become an obsession, like an itch I cant scratch.

After walking west to east and back along the northern border I'm heading south down the western edge raiding camps to try and find my precious.

I haven't seen another living soul for over a week and I'm getting pretty complacent as I thunder through the forest with all the grace and stealth of a heard of elephants so I don't see the bandit in the Wookie suit until he's 10 feet directly in front of me, staring down the sights of his gun.

A crack of gunshot and I'm back at the beach by electro and I have the unwanted attention of a Zombie before I even get my bearings. I run around the nearest building and then duck inside and pull the door shut behind me.

On the floor in front of me are three items, an Alice pack, a can of coke and you can probably guess what else .

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