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Dear Diary,

I was heading from Electro towards Cherno, as I neared Pridorodky I spotted what seemed like another survivor, he had a few Zeds on his tail and was moving pretty fast.

I moved in to track him, hoping that I would catch him unawares to see what he was selling

after tracking him through the first barn, I heard shots, moving through the trees I saw another Bandit and they were exchanging rounds, my target killed the other bandit so I moved in, aimed the double barrel at his head then BAM. Bandit down.

The Zeds cleared out and my heart slowed, so I moved in to check my loots. An AS50 was my prize! Too bad he wasn't nice enough to leave me any rounds.


I was now in cherno and I heard more shots from a pistol. I saw a pack of Zeds and another survivor, he was heading to the supermarket I was in, so I played the waiting game...he entered, I unloaded a clip of M9 into him and he ran, straight out the back door. I chased unloading another clip and a half into him. He was bleeding but not dead. He ran around a building and when I got around the corner he had logged

After surviving all of these encounters I broke my legs walking on a walkway in a building, and Im down to 3000 blood
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