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I've now played the series through with the male Shepard (soldier). Ended up with Tali in ME2 and ME3 (Yvonne Lahowsky or not, Miranda is too annoying), sacrificing Jack and Legion in the end of 2. I was doing a bit of multiplayer to get readiness up in the 80s %. I combined synthetics and organics in the end, but had Shepard die as well.

I have now restarted on ME2 as a Sentinel (female Shepard). I like the female voice actor better than the male one. I started on ME1 but can't stand the vehicle missions and skipped to ME2 using the comic book intro to make the choices from ME1 (hooked up with Liara, saved Wrex, threw the soldier chica in front of the bus on the nuke mission even if I dislike the male biotic character more) . I may eventually go back to ME1 for a third play through, but it seems that more choices from ME2 influence ME3 compared to ME1 effects on ME2 storylines.

Multiplayer is fun, even if the controller (xbox) setup is dumb with too much action on the A button. It was experimenting with classes there that got me onto trying something besides Soldier for the main game.

Good work by Bioware, almost making me want to try the Star Wars online game. Almost.


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