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Exclamation Both servers are updated to MC 1.3.2

The Sanctuary Server ( and Frontier server ( have been updated to Minecraft version 1.3.2.

The key changes in this version are:
  • added trading with villagers using new emeralds as coinage
  • added the enderchest as an inventory accessible from any enderchest
  • added tripwires
  • added sandstone stairs
  • wood logs can be placed in different directions
  • new Creative inventory layout
  • XP can be gained through mining ores and smelting
  • new book recipe requires leather and new books can made writeable
  • inverted stairs and slabs can have functioning items (e.g. doors, redstone) placed on them and mobs can spawn on them
  • levers can be placed on ceilings
  • cocoa beans can be grown on jungle trees
  • dispensers place boats on water and minecarts on tracks
  • dispensers place and suck water and lava
  • zombie pigmen occasionally "travel" from the Nether into the Overworld near portals (but not in Sanctuary)
See Version history - Minecraft Wiki for a full list of changes

While there are slight changes to biomes, new temple structures, and emerald ores, there is no change yet to the size of the worlds, so none of these will be on our worlds yet.



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