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Default Have you booked holidays for BO2 release?

Wondering how many of you are going to really celebrate BO2 by taking the rest of the weekend off?

I myself are toying with the idea. I'd like to smash the game for a few days and prestige ASAP and get a nice jump on working out the best guns etc.

Remember though, every COD game at release is generally a quagmire of shit and frustration while the activation and account servers are smashed. The gameplay is generally buggy and nobody knows what is going on - the BO1 release was really annoying as we could not see servers, hard to log on. I remember Cammo swearing, I remember me swearing more, and SJ was pretty much silent as he gave up and went to bed!

Maybe having to get up to go to work would actually be the less stressful option??
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