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There's a part of me that wishes that instead of making sequels on updated engines, they'd make mods for the original. Still, this looks ok. Certainly better than the games they've been making after the first. Is this done by the same guys, or is it all 2K dev?

EDIT: and sorry to rain on the parade. I really enjoyed the original, and was disappointed by the sequels. I worry that without that same, retro feel, in both gameplay and scenario, it's going to be a mess. The world govt, UN budgeted, post 60's UFO global agenda feel isn't well served by slick tech and corporatisation shoved in because the devs don't have any original ideas and just shoehorn it in. The vibe of the original will be tough to reproduce without a decent zeitgeist to back it up. I like old sci-fi; I don't think much of Hollywood.

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