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The LGV bike is supposedly an original design unavailable to anyone that didn't buy the gold mem founders. Max xp boost % is supposedly 15% which is what I've seen. With enough people getting the gold mem, f2players can enjoy the max boost if they party up with 2 people that did pay.

I got the gold mem too, mostly for the swag. I wish I didn't spend fifty gees already to only buy a monocle. I'm hoping the Cash shop gets good so I can spend the loot. So far, I've only a pet, tiki pole, some fireworks (a waste), and the monocle. I don't need the garage slots currently as I only play assault, nighthawk, and engi. I'll make a new chick toon for the other 2 classes but.. meh

I've put the game down somewhat I wait for pve milestone. Funny thing was, I just now decked out my sniper with pretty good gear and got some good mats and NOW, I don't really care too much about the game. Everyone is so easy to get compared to prepatch. PVP, though, went from rewarding to, "if you'd rather not thump for xp/mats, you can always try this."
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