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Been using the public TS with randoms I've grouped with quite a bit this week. I spent a couple of weeks after the milestone redoing the intro missions over and over, resetting, going again, chasing metrics and gathering data for feedback. Now? Oh boy. Hello T2 frames!

Got my T2 Assault and Engi going now, and I'm halfway along the upgrade path for my assault. Crafted upgrades are so, so much win. Added printed jumpjets, servos and afterburner ability to my fast mover. I can now do a standing jump from the battleframe garage near the nanoprinter, over the PvP totem pole, over tha gap in the houses and over the glider pad. It's huge! Or jump from Spicy Als, over the buildings and down to the PvP totem pole. Can also scale every single high point in the game with jets left to burn. The difference between crafted T2 upgrades and a stock T1 frame is chalk and cheese.

Been going out in squads of 4, dropping two improved thumpers near the melding and absolutely killing it for XP and resources. Being able to automatically give a 10% boost to squad members is a sweet deal, too. The more they add to this game, the more I'm liking it. And when armies kick in, it's just going to get better again. If you like the idea of an open world shooter, you will totally love this game.

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