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Default Pocket Edition 0.4.0

Minecraft 0.4.0 update for the Pocket edition is available through App Store (iOS) and and Google Play (Android ).

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.4.0 is OUT!

The main features are:
  • Chests to store items
  • Creepers!
  • TNT, and flint and steel to ignite
  • Food items added: apples, bread, mushroom soup, beef, chicken and pork
  • Added recipes: wool from string, green wool and stone bricks
  • Added a Peaceful Mode option for survival mode without monsters
  • Added wheat, seeds and hoe
  • Added moss stone, redstone ore and white wool to creative inventory
  • Added trap door
  • Added several more dyes (combined from primary dyes)

  • Made the day longer
  • Limited the total number of a given monster type
  • When using an item, the player’s movement speed is decreased
Bug fixes:

  • Added fall damage for clients
  • Stairs reverted back to their basic blocks when destroyed
See the blog announcement for the full feature list.


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