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Originally Posted by Noises View Post
A more recent post from Phobos' boss (Grummz) has explicitly asked everyone to NOT exploit the MPU quest bug.

Don't be greedy a$$e$, . . . . . . . | Firefall Forums
You might want to also edit some of your posts on the Firefall forums...

disagree. there is a way to stop it. don't farm there. elegantly simple. now we just have to get the self entitled XP farmers to think of someone other than themsel... Oh I see what you're saying now, that won't work, because of people like you. Gotcha.
Me. But I'm not a selfish person, so I doubt you'd understand my motivation in not exploiting broken code that lags the game to a halt. Maybe you should stop signing up for betas, if you can't exercise some simple restraint. People who only think of themselves are more of a liability than an asset anyway.

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