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* Your minecraft username (Note that this is case-sensitive) ... Ac0lyt3
* Have you been an active TOG member > 6 months?
No, only about 3.5 months...
* If not, do you know an active TOG member who will 'vouch' for you? ... Tourok knows me in game from the TOG DayZ community and said he would vouch for me.
* What other games do you play in/with TOG?
... I admin and maintain some files for Deadzys DayZ servers and I also play BF3.
* Have you read and understood the "Getting Started in TOG Minecraft" sticky?
* How did you hear about the server? ...
I happened upon the TOG minecraft forum and read about it there.
* Why would you like to join? ...
I am looking for a well moderated server that offers a little more freedom and a little less greifing than the server I currently build on. Plus anything involving TOG is usually full of awesome.

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys. PS, I am a minecraft noob but have been thoroughly addicted to it since i played survival mode a few weeks ago.
Ingame name for Battlefield: Ap0colyps32

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