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Yeah UO was my first serious MMO (I played on dial up!). I played Meridian 59 before UO, but didn't really get into it and dropped it like a hot spiky ball of firey acid covered in biting ants as soon as UO released.

A lot of love for the old days of the game. I remember crafting bows for hours to get my first suit of plate and wandering off to the graveyard like I was invincible only to leave as a ghost 15 minutes later to the mocking sound of pker laughter (and ooOOoOooOOoo).

I still remember the first time I wandered across an ettin (and fleeing in terror) and also the first time I took down an ettin solo. And hitting GM swords in... The dungeon with all the stone elementals.

Probably one of the strongest memories though, is 'corp por, corp por, corp por, OooOoooOOOOoooOooOOo' and run off to find a healer. The PKing was madness!!
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