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Default Favorite Final Fantasy Tracks

Okay, so I kind of got inspired to make this thread due to

Marcus's Favorite FF Scenes thread. One thing that I always love

about the Final Fantasy games is the music. It can range from

beautifully soothing, to playful, to lamenting and sad, to tragic

and heartbreaking, to fierce and powerful.

Whenever I hear there is a new game coming out or decide to pull

out one of my old games and play, I get so excited because of the

things I enjoy most is listening to the music while playing the

game. So, you can pick tracks and post them here from any Final

Fantasy game. Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts and spin-off tracks are

allowed as well since they're all associated with Final Fantasy.

You can either just post the names or find your favorite songs on

YouTube and post them all here to share with everyone, so we can

all get a listen! And go!

I will start off with some of my favorites from the FFVII

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