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I doubt MP is on the cards, but it would be super cool, as it's pretty hard going on your own. Although if you had another person to share the work you'd also have another mouth to feed and finding enough food for one person is challenging.

I've only been playing 2-3 days but I reckon I pretty much have the basics down. Learning curve is probably similar to Dwarf Fortress but it has much better (in that they exist) tutorials than DF so you pick it up much faster. The only time I have been flush for food was when I killed another human and butchered them... What..? Don't judge until you've been starving to death yourself!! In any case, that gave me probably enough meat for a week or more, but it had all gone bad after 3 days anyway...

Fishing is not bad, but it's time consuming and can be very hit and miss. You need to make a cellar to keep food for a bit longer. Ties you to a specific location as well, but that's not so bad. One of the challenges is finding the right place to stake your claim.
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