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I didn't finish all 10 chests, but the first 6 are complete and ready to go. I added a few items to the chests that were there since Wednesday, so if you were looking around or started, there are new random items in the 5 condos that are ready to design.

I added a few new parameters since the flooring was not added to the upper levels in order to let the player decide on the flooring, but that was an unfair advantage to the first floor, which had a stone floor.

Original thread:

1. There is a community chest on the roof with enough stone flooring for each condo, and a few basic elements that might be needed to complete a large space, if the player runs out.

2. I did not put anything in the chests that could make fire. Since this is a building with many rooms, I opted for safety instead of adding this element.

3. Since the player number was below 8, I will make a judgement form for anyone, including the contentents to fill out.

4. Since there are a couple of things going on on the server, the build and design time will be extened to Wednesday at the last midnight available.

5. You can build, craft, or fire anything in the chests. There is a workbench on the roof, but feel free to build a furnace and make anything you wish.

6. There is a sign for each player outside their doors. After you pick which condo and chest you want to use, please label it.

7. Every chest had the same basic building blocks, but the other blocks (wool, plants, wood types) is random so that each area has to be different.

-Wednesday night I will post the link to the judging form, and the prizes will be awared Friday (most likely when no one is on and just placed in your chest at spawn).


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