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Default Application to join TOG - GW2

Being one of the oldest gamers in most games I've played, I was delighted to find mention of this guild. I've played most MMO's since Ultima Online when my nephew got me started. Before that Sega Genesis, Atari and about any console game you could imagine. Being the oldest of 11 kids, and currently both the "next" generation and their children....we've basically played whatever comes out in some family group. Currently I am playing GW2, The Secret World (casually - as I'm attached to GW), still have an open account for WoW and play Diablo III when I just need a break (Similarly I have GW still installed). In many of these games I've both had a guild or been involved as an officer - usually helping new players to the game (something I enjoy). I'm not a hardcore raider any longer, but rather enjoy completing missions, exploring and crafting. I'm someone who is always ready to help and spend a good amount of time on the game. My characters all have the last name of "Polari" no idea how it just stuck

Thank you for your consideration!
Leah Polari

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