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Post New applicant seeking original title for application post...

...and failing badly!

Hi folks! My name's Matt, I'm a 38 yr-old guy from bristol UK and I would very much like to become a full member of TOG .

Used to be an ents journo in a former life until illness got the better of me and gave me lots more time to kill things with swords, magic and plumbers.

These days I split my time between gaming, podcasting (have a weekly music podcast & fortnightly local radio mix show so am a bit of a music buff), film & tv viewing (The usual GoT, Alphas, Walking Dead, True Blood, wonderful Almighty Johnsons, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Adventure Time (no, really)), avidly reading (big fan of Pratchett's 'Discworld', Butcher's 'Dresden Files' and Landy's 'Skullduggery Pleasant' series of books and some classic Stephen King stuff).

Gamewise I started way back and fondly remember my old Atari 2600 with 'Missile' Command and the Tank game (was it 'Combat'?). Went the Commodore route with a Vic 20 and then a C64 via a Toshiba MSX 64 (my Dad didn't know much about computers...). Anyone who fondly remembers 'Wizball', 'Thing on a Spring' and the Hubbard soundtrack to 'Zoids' is a friend for life!

Went through a barren spell inhabited solely by a friends copies of Sonic & Micro Machines on his Sega until I got my PC and PS1 (FFVII still the greatest game ever) and now the PC is my main weapon of choice, occasionally assisted by dusting off the PS2 or Gamecube for some Mario.

Also got my hunger for MMOs back then. Was a huge text-based DIKU mudder back in the early-mid-90s and never left me. Was with WoW from Vanilla through until WOTLK got tiresome and guild politics/drama became exhausting and took a break - have never returned to it as too many memories of gaming as work when it's meant to be fun, y'know?

Since then dabbled with LOTRO, Rift, TSW, CoH but have now fallen in love with Guild Wars 2 and would love to join TOG to play it with you folks. Did try to form our old 'Cthulhu' guild from WOW with the GM but a number of our players have fallen out of love with it early and it just seems that small/intimate guilds are difficult to manage there so has been a failed experiment, sadly. Also, having seen you also play BF1942, BF2, COD, they could be interesting too! And have just bought 'Borderlands 2'...

Why TOG? An in-game friend told me about you and, having read the site, I love the ethos of it. Mature, fun, no drama, no pressure play with people who've been around the gamescene and know the pitfalls of burning out and too mucn intensity etc. Also like to meet people who'll understand a reference to Godzilla attacking Paris and remember what The Prodigy were like the first time round!

I tend to be around in-game a lot on GW2. Recently dinged 80 with my first character and am really enjoying it but, as a PVP novice and no real dungeon experience yet, would be good to have some support and more opportunities there to try it. Plus the comaraderie and social aspect makes games just as much for me. Am playing in-game as 'Equitas Nightsbane' atm on desolation (Equitas already taken as a name on here unfortunately).

Anyway, have wafffled on enough! Hope my app gets me in - if not, good luck to everyone in the guild anyways

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