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This patch is interesting. My first mission I was seeing frame rates of 14 to 30. Where in the previous version it was in the 60 to 80s. On the next few runs of the same map the fps jumped up to 60. They moved to a new version of cryengine. Wild guess is there was some optimization or texture unpacking that did not occur until after the initial run of a map.

On the developers vision, there are bits and pieces present now and there has been steady work on getting pieces in place. They have the mech lab working pretty well, an initial team matching system, four maps with one needing a little more work, the mech and pilot skills and modules were just recently enabled. Next week is supposed to be a large patch. New mech types, endo-steel and ferro-fibrous armor. Looking forward to it although with the size of the patch I expect there to be some bugs.

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