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Can't wait to log in and see what's going on! For the first run, the rules are not very clear nor are they set in stone. The move is not a big deal at all, just want to keep everything even.

I tried to make each area have enough room to put in a custom floor and ceiling that would not be a part of anyone's design but that area's designer. So there should have been 2 blocks between the living areas, but I will make that clearer the next run.

I started on the form for judging, I will finish it up tonight in my 4 hour law class...

I want the judging to be anonymous, so I will have each judge fill out a form and when I post the results, I will remove the names. Unless someone has a fairer way?

Sorry about being absent during the actual build, I tried to pick a viable date, but imagine juggling work (teaching), a teacher's strike, 4 grad classes, and 2 kids and a death in the family while trying to conduct a gaming know which one had to take a back back back back seat.

Next run will be during my winter break.

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