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Default Design Stars Voting (Everyone Please !)

The first TOG Design Star Challenge is over. It is time for judging.

See the map at Design Star Buidling Complete

Below you will find a link to the voting form. Please visit the Design Star building and check out the wonderful (seriously great) condos created by our members using only random items in a chest provided by me.

Voting is simple and explained in the voting form:

Overall design, originality, and use of materials. Simple Simple Simple.
All judges names will remain anonymous, but I have to keep track of the names so that no one votes 2342 times by accidentally hitting submit again and again.

Judging Ends Sunday Midnight.

Prizes are:

First Place: Diamond tool of choice
Second: Gold block
Runners Ups: Silver (iron) block

And, if I can figure out this video capture prg I downloaded last night, everyone gets props in a TOG video.

AND, thanks for playing. This was pretty cool, and I will make some tweaks on the rules and game area the next time around. But, overall, the building spaces look really cool, and I will be keeping the as is. Consider the building a community building for anyone to enjoy looking at the designs of the members. Next time, we can fill up the empy units!

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