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G'day Kaiza.
Sounds good.
We have a handful of guys that are keen pilots of most of the airframes (do any of your guys prefer the Mustang?).
We'll be testing the effectiveness of the new TARS build soon, so I hope that will be implemented. Is that something you will look at using?
I'll post a link to this in the Simulations Division so the guys can have their say.

I'll keep you updated. Thanks for Stopping by!
We have no guys that fly the mustang as a preference at the moment.

Yep we have been testing TARS all week, and we will absolutely be using it in future missions. We run "tac flights" every so often that are fully briefed missions, use TARS and Sqn SOPS. Guys will have to qualify before they can fly these missions. If you have ever been in our TS, thats what the gold T next to a members name signifies. These are the style of flights that I would love to get into with other Sqns in the future! For this first one I thought we would keep it simple, fly without TARS and then ramp it up later on if the interest is there. Although if we have a large amount of interest we may have to use TARS to keep people sane?

Cool, I'll plan it for the 21st and remain flexible if it doesn't suit the majority. Also happy to take suggestions on map ideas.

I'll see if I can catch one of you in TS in the next few days.

Cheers fellas.
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