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Yeah I guess he missed the code. Still $49 is better than $69.99 anyway and as many have said I'd pay full price for the game now I've played it.

It's not perfect. It could use some simple things like the ability to skip discovery animations and/or speed up the animations. Eventually you just want that stuff to play out after you've seen it dozens of times. I'm surprised they didn't do this given the original had it.

The controls with a 360 controller could have been better. I don't understand why more games don't use a radial menu. And/or two stage shortcuts. If I can play an MMO with a controller they can surely make it faster to play a game like this than scrolling through a list of skills with the d-pad.

I haven't tried the PC controls yet, but might do that today.

I did read some ATI users complaining about crashes but I'm using a 7970 here and am crash free with 40hrs played.
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