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Wow, such high hopes. And after getting my first good session in, I'm so very disappointed.

Too much of a fan of the original and this is just too far from that. It appears to be a good game in it's own right and I really hope I can bring myself to enjoy it, but... It's just too lacking, and there are just too many irritating factors.

Loadout slots too limited.
Actions per turn too restricted.
Movement far too restricted.
Can't trade gear between soldiers or pick up stuff from your casualties during a mission.
Aliens can often shoot me right through walls (they don't destroy the wall, that would be fine, their shots just pass straight through).
Aliens know where you are even when you're out of their line of sight.
And more and more tears, but I wont go on with my whinging and whining.

To keep it in perspective, I am a huge fan of the original. I re-play it once every year or two. All playing this new version has done is make me want to go back and re-play the original.

Very sad XCOM fan here. My opinion is that they have taken the utter brilliance of the original and dumbed it down, made it quicker and more accessible at a cost of the glorious depth the original had.

Edit: Found this while googling for remakes of the original and while the guy is a bit OTT and nitpicky, for the most part I'm in agreement.

Edit 2: And while I originally felt very sorry for the guys making Xenonauts, when I found this new rendition of XCOM was coming out, now I am thinking "thank god for Xenonauts!"
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