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I loved the original and I love this version too. They are quite different but I think most of the changes work well.

I sit down to do a quick mission and I end up spending 3 hours playing it... its been a long time since a game has done that to me!

Also Justin dont lose heart, since the game is built using the Unreal engine it should be very moddable. So I foresee that someone will make a mod to make it more like the classic version we all know and love. The Nexus guys have even set up a site already:

And from the nexusmod it has a nice little hax to remove the startup videos:
* Edit C:\Users\<your_user>\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Unknown\XComGame\Config\XComEngine.ini
* Find StartupMovies
* Remove lines:
* StartupMovies=Logo_2KFiraxis
* StartupMovies=UE3TechLogo
* StartupMovies=LogoLegal_PCConsole

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