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Tried Classic difficulty as well and noticed compared to normal, all alien weapons do double the damage and accuracy, while accuracy for the player seems to be halved. Trying to beat it once on easy (ya I know) just to get the feeling of how the enemy progresses with units since that is a fixed time table with modifiers due to how you progress with the 'story'.
There is a huge difference between normal and difficult level. Normal is way too easy for me, whilst difficult is playable, but I'm losing fast. I mean I've had my guys up on a 3 story roof protected by brick railing and they just get one shotted by the aliens below (whilst I miss of course).

Out of curiosity, has anyone successfully completed a bomb mission on difficult? If you have, I salute you.

What's everyone's special tip to play the game? Mine is satilites, satilites, satilites
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