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Originally Posted by ReaperSmurf View Post
My tips:
* Start in Africa (for the money)
I started with Asia personally. You get the full benefit immediately and it saves on the cost of the facilities you'll need early on. The 30% bonus from Africa is only 3 satellites to get and more worthwhile once you have US and Russia for the cash. That's the order I did on my current playthrough anyway. I'll have to see if it works on Classic.

Originally Posted by Dressy View Post
Rep and general all round admiration for anyone who unlocks the 'Lone Wolf' Achievement ;-0

I wonder which class would be better at doing the above? I reckon a Col. Support soldier, with full medic options and best armour and weapons might be a good option
I wouldn't try it without a full Psi soldier and knowing what I was going up against. Ideally a small scout that I'd taken down with a Fusion Cannon.
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