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Originally Posted by segreto View Post
Aveege is the the first condo with a 'ready' sign and no roof. He did his first, and the signs were not out yet.
Apologies for not clearing this earlier, that condo was mine.

The day after completion (Sunday) some rules were amended and things I was unsure about made clearer and the date pushed back.
I kept meaning to jump back in and finish up but I must admit I found it alot tougher than expected and I'd started a new build in the meantime, I just never went back in time..

Again, sorry for the confusion (if there was any) it doesn't change the voting though so there's no real dramas with regards to results.

I did finally get a look at the place again and the other entries last night and was blown away by what the other players came up with, I really liked the idea and seeing what other people got in each chest and the end results.

Thanks for putting this on Segreto, I had a alot of fun

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