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Default December Design Star Challenge

It is 6 weeks away, but I want to start promoting it now.

The challenge: Super Secret, Awesome and Viewable from space!

In honor (kinda) of the Australian (in American) Felix Baumgartner, who did some serious stuff this weekend, I have proposed a new challenge, which is far from designing a room.

I have the plot secretly made already, and I will start getting the chests done during November.

The competition time will be a bit different: 2 weeks.
The areas will be a little more private.
The materials will be more limited.
The tangible (can you say that for a computer game?) rewards will be similar to the first competition, but the fame will live on forever (server forever).
Judging I am going to change.

That is all the information I will post until the start date, December 14, 2012.
The rules will be the same: Use the items in the chest(s) to create the most original and aesthetically pleasing design possible.

If you are interested in playing, please post below.

* Special note: I am funding this from my private stock, which is limited in the below after the first Design Stars building and chests. If possible, I would accept donations of:

*Various woods (in timber form) no limit. I have a tree farm on my property.
*cobble or stone (1 chest)
*No dirt, I'm good with that.
*Iron for a a tool I need to make a bunch of or some (shears, shovels)
*odd colored wool (2 chests full)
*Nether Brick (not much. maybe a stack or 2 depending on number of participants)

I am good with everything else. And I will be collecting up till the start date, so most likely I can hit everything, but that will take a lot of time. If you have some extras hanging around, a donation would be appreciated.


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