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Default October Design Star Challenge Results!

Simply awesome designs with the limited materials. Congratulations!

As you can see in the above voting spreadsheet (which are great to use), these are our winners:

The overall winner with 50 points is... Henrideacon!
Second place goes to Sorontar with 48 points!
And a really close third goes to Raekas with 47 points!

Individual category winners are as follows:

For overall design: Raekas
For Originality: Tie with Sorontar and Henrideacon
For Material Use: Henrideacon

Prizes will be distributed in an award ceremony when all you Aussies are in bed and I place them in your chest at spawn.

Henrideacon will get a diamond tool of choice when he pm's me which one he desires.

Second place will get a beautiful gold block.
Third place will get a marvelous silver (iron) block.

And the video will be done tomorrow!
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