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Default Banned for no reason.

1rons1d3 - banned me (cjM) and a mate (saintGeorge+) for "suspected hacks" after i killed him.

Just before we got banned, spawned at Chupinka right near the "tog" base.
Had a car 500m's down in the trees, got out a l85 and ran back to the base, got setup on the hill. saintGeorge+ was in the heli and i asked him to come over and distract him and it worked. few seconds later "banned for suspected hacks"


So today on the new TOG Server me and a couple of buddies found the admins base, over 6 cars, and 2 helis... We ran into there and got killed, so we knew where the base was... a couple of deaths and we found a Offcial Offroad and it was LOADED with guns and even a tool box, we drove off to the base, and 1 of my mates shot, and got 1 kill ( at the base ) then he got killed. Then we waited for him to loot, We sniped him and i saintGeorge+ ran down and used the toolbox to get into the base, we stole 1 chopper, and flew off, cjm was killed trying to steal the second one. cjm spawned in chupinka and looted our car we had 500m's down the in the trees. ( the spawn was right next to the base) and then cjm killed 1R0NS1DE as saintGeorge was flying the helicopter over the base (After banning he says in side channel, How did he shoot us in a miltary tent from heli?)(Actually CJM was on the ground mate), He then BANS us permantly for Hacking, When actually we didnt hack what so ever... and plus note, From For a well respected Org of TOG i found there attatuide horrible, they got in a suv and found me some where in lingor, and shot me and broke my legs, (i had just spawned) and then they sat there calling me names and telling me to **** off out of the server... I found this disrespectful and the ban just wrong and would like an unban on cjM (me) and saintGeorge+ .
And YES they were admins because they had the Rocket skin on.

Id like an answer to this.
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