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Originally Posted by hastarin View Post
Tell me about it!

I keep restarting my Ironman games, probably because I'm a bit too OCD rather than because I am guaranteed a failure. One I forgot to deploy a satellite before months end, another I forgot to have active research, others I just didn't like the fact they had one Steam Vent in the lower right corner of the base (at least that was a short one).

The worst was wiping an entire squad on a Terror mission which for some reason I couldn't see the abort area on the map even when I tried to get the last two soldiers out.

My #1 problem is getting bored/frustrated and moving (dashing) someone in and triggering more aliens than I can handle at once. Other than that it's an all round challenge and am I'm loving it. I just need to keep my desire to rush the soldiers to their deaths.

I will say the panic thing is a bit annoying but I seem to recall it was like that in the original too. It will make that extra Will purchase from Officer Training School a must buy for sure!
Im about 2 months into my CI game.

Its brutal but oh so much fun. I love a good hard game. 7 restarts so far - 2 loses and 5 "no chance from here on in" failures.

I generally run the following squad (only take 5 or 6 depending on mission):
Squadsight Sniper "Shadow" - DGG, and ITZ. Get him high and dry and let him shoot everyone.
Assault "Scout/Tank" - defensive bonus and flush. This guy scouts primarily. Assault rifle instead of shotty, with +HP items. Most effective in room sweeping missions.
Support Heavy "Duke" - Suppresion and holo-targeting and grenadier. Equip grenades and dont expect to shoot anything regularly - just make it easier for everyone else.
Heavy Ordanace "Rambo" - Rockets and grenades x2 .... blow stuff up .... simple.
Killer Assault "Honey Badger" - Shotgun and all crit chance+damage bonus. Titan armor then ghost when available. Last to move, everymove is a kill.
Scout Medic :"Angel" - simple enough. Speed and medic skills.
Support Sentinal "All Day"- Mid range fighter. Equip scope and Arcthrower for captures. Take all the overwatch bonuses. Skeleton armor is key here to reach good overwatch positions and get there quick.
Scout Sniper "Wolf" - Alternative to Assault scout. Can move and shoot, takes gunslinger and reveal grenade. Most effective is open field roles as he can do both long to short range. Ghost armor and skeleton armor is great.

Ive been starting in Europ to get my 2x2 Workshop bonus as quick as possible. Asia then USA is next, while keeping the big money types happy. A good tip is to keep a few satilites in reserve until the day before the council meeting and using them on any 5 Panic nations to keep them in the council.
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