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Originally Posted by Justin Kace View Post
Bite the bullet man. I may only have played three hours, but I wasn't going to play an XCOM game on anything but Classic Ironman. At least that was one thing they DID get right! If you come out of a mission with half your squad you consider it a good mission!
The problem I have with it is the amount of time it takes to play a game, to success or failure, whilst I'm still learning. I considered just playing a normal Classic game but have compromised and I've been "cheating" by backing up my save every now and again.

I will eventually finish a Classic Ironman without cheating but for now I'm not sure I want to dedicate the time when I have Borderlands 2 DLC to check out and Dishonored waiting for me to play too.

Originally Posted by Blue_Talon View Post
Im about 2 months into my CI game.

Its brutal but oh so much fun. I love a good hard game. 7 restarts so far - 2 loses and 5 "no chance from here on in" failures.

Ive been starting in Europ to get my 2x2 Workshop bonus as quick as possible. Asia then USA is next, while keeping the big money types happy. A good tip is to keep a few satilites in reserve until the day before the council meeting and using them on any 5 Panic nations to keep them in the council.
I've been starting in Asia so I can get up to a squad of 6 ASAP. The current playthrough I'm trying to save loosing any nations with satellites but I'm not sure that's going to work too well since the cash isn't coming in fast enough.

Originally Posted by Spectre8 View Post
Loving it. Came up against my first (dunno what it's called, but it's like a Mutor but with razor claws??) bad boy with uuber health last night.
Mutons are the green guys, and the Berserker is the red guy with claws you're talking about. He's damn scary for sure.
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