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I completed it fairly quickly on normal, but classic is quite a bit of a step up in difficulty, I've just managed to get my hyperwave relay online but my regular interceptors arent up to the task of actually shooting down an overseer yet, need to upgrade to firestorms.

On the plus side, I now have a pretty strong stable of soldiers to draw from and have full sets of titan armour and plasma weapons, so ground missions are e4asy enough now as long as I don't get too impatient and move too far forward too quickly and i've only lost Canada, the US and Japan. My inability to shoot down UFOs tho is starting to really cripple me, really wish I hadn't sold so many UFO power supplies and flight computers early game now...still, I needed the cash then more.

I have to say tho, I have reloaded a LOT of times if a mission goes wahoonie-shaped and I do NOT look forward to moving on to classic Ironman, not at all...
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