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I debated whether I should start a new thread or necro this one. In the end I went with the latter, obviously.

So Steam is holding another free-to-play weekend for PAYDAY. There is also a nice sale going on with the game and DLC.

What to expect for those new to the game: it's from a smaller studio, so those expecting a AAA game engine will certainly be disappointed. The graphics and animations are functional and get the job done, but there isn't any wow factor here.

Where it excels: gameplay. The soundtrack is also excellent. Of course whether the gameplay will appeal to you is entirely subjective, but there is some great co-op MP here. On the higher difficulties teamwork and strategy are essential to getting through the maps, which enhances the co-operative experience further.

I have over 112 hours in the game and while I haven't touched it in a while I would love to jump back in and run a few heists with any TOG'rs who are interested.
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