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I have been thinking that Halloween might be a good day to run a world set on Hard. It could be a new world or one of existing ones. We possibly could run it with mods like the hellhounds mod (or werewolves mod or vampire mod). I have a number lined up built I haven't had time to test them.

If we run it on an existing world, we could run it so that the inventories and locations of players are retained but the world is "rollback" at the end of the event. That way, if you get spoils from the night, you get to keep them, provided.

If it is a new world, then we could update to 1.4 for the event, but you would lose everything at the end of the event, and we wouldn't be able to run mods. We could run 1.4 on a temporary version of existing worlds, but you would lose all items come the end of the event/night.


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