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Smile Event: Halloween at Togwarts

Event: A trip to Hogwarts
Where: (Sanctuary's port)
When: 8:30pm AEDT, Wed 31st October
Until... Monday morning

Minecraft version: 1.4 (yes, this server will updated for this event)
Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Now Easy
(originally Hard)[I]
PVP combat is not expected

Travel via train to Hogwarts with a map in hand and a wand at the ready (well, a bow anyway). This is an old world that was created by a non-Togger, who will be credited after the event (so we don't ruin any surprises). It is based on the Harry Potter world and has an optional corresponding texture pack (hence the wand/bow reference). Further details will be given later.

Seek out the common rooms!
Visit Hagrid's home!
Find the diamonds!

Well yes, there are going to be a few challenges on this world. One of the built-in ones is to find diamonds in chests. Others will be set up by us.

So anyone on our whitelist can visit the school and other locations, but beware - he who can not be named (for trademark reasons I suspect) has let loose a lot evil creatures within their grounds. Be alert!

Department of Thaumaturgical Events
Ministry of Magic

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