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MeOnFire: Awesome! great to have another keen TOGer - I can get you setup in about an hour if Hastarin does not beat me to it

I think rewind off gives you maybe an extra 10% on earnings.

Thanks for the tip on the PR stunts - I always drove the specified path, which was way restrictive, but now that I know I can do whatever as long as I get the points in time, it's game on I'm going to go inspect the areas around the outposts and plan my strategies

I didn't take the mid life crisis comment as a dig in the slightest It very well could be an MLC for me, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I ever really grew up I'm actually a bit young for that by the "standard" definition of it occuring somewhere between 40 and 60, I'm 36. Also I'm not married and have no children and I love my job / career mostly, so most of the factors that help the onset of it aren't really there for me .... but I'm also keenly aware that 36 x 2 = 72 .... Anyway, getting a bit deep and personal there - more driving and more Horizon!
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