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I accepted Wookie and proceeded to go after his speed camera scores. Then he quit I'm sure the two are unrelated, but yeah he actually sent a request to join the club and I accepted /shrug

I can't stand being frustrated in these games anymore, that's what prevented me from going too hard in FM4 rivals, especially Autocross So I'm likely not to bother with the outposts until I can consistently get high skill chains. Incidentally, I got a 34k skill chain last night going after one of your speed camera records and all I did was drive fast on the freeway (lots of speed + lots of near miss + occasional wreckage and occasional air ).

btw your CCX-R is bloody fast. I had a few goes at the 413kmh record and keeping speed up and over the bridge is super tough. My EB110 with a fully tricked out Veyron SS engine was just too unstable at 420kmh, so over the rise and through the slight left kink I was four wheel drifting at over 410kmh through traffic ..... other cars I tried couldn't even hit 400kmh there - F40 with twin turbo Enzo engine, Sesto Elemento with twin turbo Aventador engine - pretty sure they were both well clear of 1000hp too, maybe I need to remove the spoilers but then I dread to think of how easily they'll spin.

I'm going to try a Huayra and my One-77 as well to see how they fare. Else I'll be going racing to buy a faster car (can't believe I'm saying that with the cars I've already mentioned ).

For sh!ts and giggles, I put a twin turbo Enzo engine into my '57 250 Testarossa. Woah! You don't need 1st and 2nd gear at all, just drift in 3rd and 4th everywhere - it's a riot - I'm going to share it tonight - I encourage everyone to try it.

I'm going to do the same with the DBR1 and the D-type as well.
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