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Ah well, I guess he was a random then.

Nice. Speed (Daredevils, etc) is the main way I can get a decent chain going. I did manage the above challenge after about an hour of trying last night. Though I only got 29.5k not anywhere near the guy in the video. I have one outpost (upper right one) with the one skill stunt left now. It's a Lexus downhill and I am probably going to have to find another video for ideas because I've had 0 luck trying so far I don't even come close.

I can stand limited frustration. If there was no challenge at all there'd be no point playing. Well apart from the joy of flying along over 400 kmh or the sounds of some of these cars or cresting a hill at sunrise into oncoming traffic or .... OK there is plenty to still enjoy in this game.

Yeah I bought that last night after looking at some of the top ranked speeds and then used Auto Upgrade then put some chrome rims on it and wider tires. I can share it later. It tops at out at 414 in it's current configuration. I'm sure it could go faster if I sacrificed some handling but not sure I could keep it on target then.

Yeah my Ford Focus ST '13 that I've been mostly driving with the upgraded engine has far too much power for it's own good particularly with TCS off. I actually dropped it back to the original upgraded engine for cruising about in. I do wonder how long it's going to take me to actually finish the game with all the time I'm spending just exploring and fooling around but I guess that's the point.

I know you can auto downgrade cars for races. I do wonder if that will work with the garage cars. I haven't actually tried any garage cars yet. Too busy having fun with the ones I have.
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