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Yeah I can not get the starts anywhere near as clean as I'd like. Not an issue if it's a circuit but if it's not I have a second or more to make up. Any tips on how to "launch" correctly would be most welcome.

Not sure what engine I had in it, though I've been mixing things up today. Put my design, or variations of it, on about 5 more cars.

I bought a new car and custom upgraded it in order to beat one of your Rival times today for the Red Rock Rampage (lower left of map). After doing it I noticed I'm rank 2,705 for the world on that race now! It's no wonder I had such a hard time doing it!

I'd be up for some co-op at some stage. I might need a few to sort the headset since I'm not sure you'd hear me speak if I used the normal wireless headset and my home theater setup.
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