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Thanks for the thoughtful reply [edit: The one with pics]

I can hear your comments about history and I guess that's why you love WOTR so much, it's steeped in history. You couldn't call it that without being historically accurate. I guess what I'm saying is it's more important (for me) to have a fun melee action/sim than an historically accurate one.

Melee classes DON'T have access to javelins, only the Archer class can wield it and a Knight using throwing hatchets is a trade off (it goes in his 3rd slot where his shield would sit)

With WOTR, can you switch from a charged run in attack straight to a parry because I think I'm kinda missing your point about using Q in C:ME. In C:ME you don't hold a stance (and I doubt historically many soldiers would) you move fluidly through stances...When you need to parry you need to actually aim at the oncoming weapon not guess which of four attacks your opponent will use.

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